Monday, September 14, 2015

CP Upswing and Disregard

Via Nanos, the CP's numbers are up 6%. One still should wait on ThreeHundredEight to correct for house effect, but if confirmed by other polls, this is a big swing (at least among those with landlines.)

Naturally there is twitter chatter. And one item did stick out. A few conservative snarks think that while it hurt them initially, the "refugee crisis is a perfect example of why Harper wins." The belief is that Alan Kurdi's death has played to the CP's advantage. Stating that Harper "campaigns to people" rather than "to journalists" we can infer that they likely endorse the view that Canadians are hesitant to support Syrians, or be lectured and led by shrill moralists, whether they are in the MSM, the LP, or NDP.

Me, I would think it has to do with incumbent advantage as those previously undecided start to settle their choice.

Another part of me, though, is not eager to imagine a Canada where empathy and provisions are (proudly?) denied to those that most need them. If, and this is still open, if this disregard is the explanation for the upswing, it would be another data point that reflects the relative success of Harper's quiet revolution. And it does not bode well for Canadians because these beliefs have a habit of eventually turning inwards.