Thursday, November 5, 2015

#AcWriMo & #GetYourManuscriptOut

I'm am likely a little late to the 2015 #AcWriMo party. All in all my attention has been on various job applications (#GetYourFilesOut -- on that front my supervisor joked you probably aren't an academic until you have put out 50 files. So I am about half-way there.) 

This November I have a few goals. Most of them them involve summoning the courage to hit submit. So part of this #AcWriMo season is to spend less time 'tinkering' and 'polishing' and instead have faith in what I have written. At the same time I have two book proposals to get out. One based on my dissertation, another on a side research project. Then lastly, I have to finalize an edited volume. In between there are the jobs, lectures, and so. Plus I want to watch more Canucks games. So I anticipate a busy month.

Here are the goals for November. I will likely return in a day or two to flesh out objectives.

1) Submit my paper critiquing cognitive functionalism. [Submitted 05/11]
2) Write an suitable introduction for my paper on institutional luck. Then submit.
3) Submit my paper on luck and liberalism.
4) Iterate another draft of a paper on digital media, social inequality, and state rule.
5) Write short and long book proposals for my dissertation, Luck and Liberty.
6) Write short and long book proposals for The State, Social Inequality, and Digital Weapons.
7) Complete the edited collection on alienation.

Ok, very ambitious. Let's see how that goes. Updates will follow.