Sunday, November 15, 2015

Drafting in Public & #AcWriMo

It is halfway through November and I am far from achieving my #AcWroMo goals. One item did pass the editors' eye test and is off to reviewers. The rest are close to being sent off, but close is not submitted.

There are reasons for this. Job applications do suck up more time than one initially thinks. And then one cannot be writing all the time. Indeed, more time should be spent reading, interviewing, collecting data and so on.

Nevertheless, I do need to get things submitted. A research project isn't complete until the results are disseminated in some way, even if it is just uploaded to SSRN. So in that spirit, I might not be able to get all my various manuscripts polished for journals, but they will be available for wider circulation and comment.

In that spirit I have decided to imitate a practice I've seen some other social scientists do. I'm going to try draft in public. Naturally, I have some reservations, but I think distributing portions of larger projects will help them become polished quicker especially if you know others might read it. Hopefully this will speed up iterations, but more importantly, I should be able to identify and correct the various errors that I will make. Let's see how the next two weeks go.

As always, comments invited and welcomed.

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