Theory in the 21st Century

At the moment, I am teaching a final year Communication Theory class at The University of the West Indies. As this is my first year with a position I am relying on material I taught at SFU. However, the the advantage of the institutional support means that I have the opportunity to re-develop the class. My aim to do something like "Theory in the early 21st Century."

As Fall 2017 is the next time the course is scheduled, I am blogging about the various books and articles I am reading. I hope that these would form the foundation for a set of forthcoming lecture notes.

Here is the list of things covered so far:
  1. The Comaroff's Theory is Going South
  2. Latour's Why Has Critique Run Out of Steam? 
  3. Why Does Flyvberg Matter?
  4. Munslow, Jenkins, and the Tail of Postmodern Thought