Thursday, October 1, 2015

Still Policing the Crisis

Simon Fraser's School of Communication has assembled a seminar on "Still Policing the Crisis: Stuart Hall's Relevance in the Current Conjuncture" for October 9th, 4-6 pm at HC, in room 2270. 

Speakers include Grant Farred, the Chair of Africana Studies at Cornell, Ben Carrington, Department of Sociology at the University of Texas (Austin), and Sut Jhally, from the Department of Communication, University of Massachusetts. Both Sut and Grant worked closely with Stuart Hall at varying times, and Ben Carrington studied with him and is a close associate of Hall's former protege, Paul Gilroy.

Sut, will also give a stand alone talk at 4 pm on Saturday, October 10th at HC, in Room 7000, on "The Occupation of the American Mind: Israel’s PR War in the U.S."

The School of Communication, FCAT and the Institute for Humanities are jointly sponsoring these events.